Sunday, January 28, 2007

Info Meeting in Review

Some of you couldn't make the info meeting, and you are dying. Calling me, emailing me, driving past my house...okay, okay!! Here's what you missed:
  • Great food
  • Starbucks coffee
  • Free t-shirts
  • Really great people
  • Video of the North Point environments (one of which you can see on the front page of our web site)
  • A challenge from me about the kind of church we want to be
  • The opportunity to sign up to volunteer
  • The opportunity to sign up for the bus trip
Fear not! Much still awaits you! You can still:
  • Sign up to volunteer—especially in Waumba (preschool) and UpStreet (elementary)
  • Commit to pray each day for Access—34 days until we launch
  • Sign up for the bus trip—drop us an email
  • Consider helping financially—we want to start with our best foot foward
  • Spread the word, and invite your friends to the launch at UNF on March 4, 6:00pm


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