Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New Partnerships

Know friends or family in cities like Auburn, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, or Toronto?

These are just a few of the cities about to experience killer environments designed to attract "missing persons" (a phrase from Jim Henderson's book, Evangelism Without Additives), courtesy of new North Point partners.

There are now 15 partners either already holding services or getting ready to launch. That's so exciting! And it's encouraging to know we're not in this alone. In fact, we're in this with some of the best, brightest leaders I've ever had the privilege to know. Visit our new North Point Partners web site to see where we're all located and read some interesting FAQs.

Invite a friend to church from across the country!

Here are some of the churches coming online very soon:
Pretty cool, huh? Keep these teams in your prayers in the weeks ahead and pray for their cities, that people would encounter God in a whole new way!


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