Tuesday, October 30, 2007

FEE at Access Church

You absolutely don't want to miss this Sunday, November 4!

Andy is going to wrap up the provocative "Verdict" series, and we'll worship with Steve Fee.

I first met Steve almost seven years ago, before I'd even heard of North Point. I was a pastor to high school students at the time, and we invited Steve and his band ("Exit 10") to come and lead worship for a winter retreat in upstate New York. We had a great time that weekend, and he immediately became one of my favorite guys with whom to worship. Oh, and he's a good sport on the slopes, too—even when one of our high school students plowed into him and gave him a concussion!

Fast-forward a few gray hairs, and Steve is now one of the most sought-after worship leaders in the world. He continues to write incredible stuff, and leads with incredible passion and intensity.

Don't believe me?

Here's what Andy Stanley says, "We Shine is my favorite worship record and Steve Fee is the most energizing worship leader I’ve ever experienced. His sound is unique. His lyrics are compelling. These songs are going to be around for a long time.”

Louie Giglio has worked with Steve for a long time, first at 7:22 and then with Passion. Louie says, "Steve Fee has a unique voice in the world of worship, effectively leading a new generation to live in a Story so much bigger than their own. Birthing anthems for the church and songs for the culture, Steve continues to merge lyrics anchored in truth with a musicality that is current and fresh. We’ve shared so much of the journey together over the last decade and I’m excited to see how God will use Fee’s debut release ‘We Shine’ for His fame throughout the earth. ‘We Shine’ is one of the best worship projects of the year.”

Wow! And he's going to be leading worship at Access Church this Sunday! And you thought about skipping...


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