Sunday, March 25, 2007

Serve Strategically

Some of you have now had the opportunity to participate with Access in two worship services. Perhaps your children have now been in an UpStreet small group twice. And your baby has been loved and cared for in Waumba.

You might be visiting from another church, and very content to stay there, but you enjoy the Sunday evening alternative Access provides.

You could be returning to church after a really long absence, grateful to find a church that really wants to have "all the rungs of the ladder."

You may be brand-new to this church thing, and hopefully we're shattering your preconceived ideas!

At any rate, you might be wondering how we managed to find all the volunteers that are running lights, holding babies, and singing for UpStreet. Isn't it amazing how many people it takes to make a church run well? We are so grateful for each of these people.

Many of them have made a short-term commitment to help us out as we get on our feet. Can we invite those of you who have just come on board to serve alongside these "veterans" and learn their job? We need your help so that we can continue to grow and accommodate those who have yet to try Access.

When you serve strategically, you move this church closer to fulfilling its mission.

We have incredible environments, and they're a blast to serve in! I really believe that you should jump in with the environments that most need help while you are still learning our ministry model and praying about where you might serve long-term.

If my home were on fire, there would be no time for you to stand around evaluating where your particular gifts and talents could be best utilized. I'd ask you to jump in at the point of greatest need! Likewise, in this church, we'd like to ask you to consider immediately jumping in to help at our places of greatest need, and later on consider where you might best be used in the long term.

Currently, there are three key environments we are working to make excellent: Adult Worship, Waumba (for preschoolers), and UpStreet (K-Grade 5). Of those, we need the most help in Waumba. Please consider jumping in so that no families have to be turned away!

Please don't wait. If you are ready to consider Access a church worth investing in, we'd love to have you! Sign up here.



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