Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bold Move

Okay, so it's a New Year. You're feeling bold. Optimistic. Hopeful. The new year represents all kinds of chances to start fresh and with new confidence. The gym is full, Krispy Kreme is empty.

Access Church is feeling bold, also. It's not every day that a 22-month-old congregation moves into a 1,300-seat worship venue! We're hoping to change people's minds about church, and in this new theater we plan to create an environment that honors God while at the same time blowing away the old, stale, perceptions of church!

With room to grow, it's important to fill these seats with the right people—people you have invested in, have a genuine love for, and who haven't yet connected with God and his grace. Don't just inform them about Access—invite them.

Who will it be?

Make a bold move. Set a date, and save a seat!


Blogger sanman said...

An invest and invite in a friend who may or may not know Jesus, ie, eternal life!!!

January 9, 2009 7:58:00 PM EST  

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