Sunday, February 25, 2007

Invest & Invite

We've all been waiting a long time for this week. Some of us have been praying, planning, and working for two years to see this come about!

Without doubt, the question I have gotten most in the last month is, "How many people do you expect on March 4?"

And my answer is, "It depends...on you."

We have been working hard to create irresistible environments for children and adults on March 4. We've been creating an infrastructure that will allow us to be both excellent and portable. We've been building the right team of staff and volunteers. Now we're ready to fill the room. And that is something that only you can do.

Please don't think, "Let's wait and see how the first one goes." We need to fill the room this first Sunday to give us good momentum moving forward. In fact, we'd love to fill the room to beyond overflowing!

We need to create energy, buzz, and dialogue in the community. And that will happen because you make strategic and repeated invitations this week.

Here's a suggestion. I'm going to call it "3x3x3." You can call it "3 Cubed." I don't care. Just remember the idea.

Invite three people that you really care about and have invested in. Invite them three times. People rarely respond to the first invitation. Invite them today. Again on Wednesday. And again on Saturday. Finally, invite them to try it three times. They need to give this church thing a chance. They need to get used to our music, Andy's humor, and the kids environments. So, ask them to give it three shots.

There you go. 3x3x3. Let's see how it works.



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