Sunday, August 05, 2007

Andy Stanley and Louie Giglio DVDs Now Available

Next time you're passing our Resource Center, consider picking up a copy of The Legend of Joe Jacobson, Permission to Speak Freely or Indescribable for a friend. These DVDs are a great way to introduce someone to Andy and Louie's powerful, practical teaching.

Audio CDs and books are also available, including the super-cool North Point Live worship CD, which features Access worship leaders Todd Fields, Steve Fee, Mike Gleason and also makes an awesome gift.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Fields of Gold

Recently, a friend and I have been having a lot of discussions about our giving. We've been asking each other questions like, "If you give out of every paycheck, does that take away from the 'cheerful heart' aspect of giving? What if you don't give from every paycheck—are you neglecting the principle of first-fruits?"

As God-followers, we know that money is important to us and to God. We know giving is part of our worship, but under the growing pressures to make ends meet each month, fear often stands in the way of letting go of our finances.

Soon we become irrational in our thinking about God, his faithfulness, and our role as stewards of His resources. And when we let it, this fear has the potential to rob us of an intimate trust relationship with God.

So, last time I was in Atlanta, I picked up a copy of Andy Stanley's recent book, Fields of Gold.

Fields of Gold reminded me of some core truths about money and giving. Andy Stanley writes that if we truly believe that God is who he says he is, we have every reason to be generous.

When we truly understand God's power and presence, we can't help but trust him to meet our needs. Doesn't it make sense to trust the God of the universe with our finances? Isn't it time to put aside the worry and start living in confidence?

There are scriptural principles that tell us those who sow generously can expect to reap generously and receive a bountiful return: fields of gold—in this life, as well as the life to come. I don't understand that, exactly—it's certainly not a magic-genie formula, but there is definitely something to the principle of letting go of what was never ours to begin with.

Hey, let's be honest. God's a big God. If he really needed your money, don't you think he'd just take it? The fact is, God wants our hearts, and he knows that money is just one way that he can teach us that he really is trustworthy. He really loves us, he really wants what is best for us, and if we will trust him, he's big enough to make it happen.

I highly recommend this book. It's a quick read, and I guarantee it will help you understand the relationship between money and faith a little better. Grab a copy at our resource center on June 3, or order a copy from North Point Resources today.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Free Andy Stanley Messages

If you're looking for a free & easy way to get your hands on some great teaching—the kind of teaching that can make sense of the Bible for everyday life—you really ought to click on this link.

North Point Community Church has begun podcasting some of Andy Stanley's message series, and this iTunes podcast already includes Pause, Permission to Speak Freely, and Breakaway.

You don't have to have an iPod to enjoy podcasting. It's simply an easy way to download audio right into iTunes (Mac or Windows) so you can burn a CD, transfer it to your MP3 player, or listen at your computer. Each new message posted can be automatically downloaded to your computer.

Enjoy it yourself or forward the link to a friend who might enjoy Andy Stanley's teaching. Happy Mother's Day!


Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Follow this link to download the latest podcast from North Point, "Pause." Here's the description from iTunes:

Temptation isn't new. From the apple in the garden to the guy with the cute smile to the less than legitmate business deal, we all struggle with temptation. But why is it that we can't just walk away? Though we promise ourselves that next time we'll be stronger, last longer, and pass up the chance, it seems like we keep making the same choices over and over again. In this series, we realize what is behind temptation and what is at stake every time we're tempted, and in doing so we find the confidence to respond as Jesus did.

Give it a listen, and then share it with a friend. These podcasts are a great way to familiarize yourself with Andy's teaching.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Podcast—"Life Rules"

Follow this link to download the latest podcast from North Point, "Life Rules." Here's the description from iTunes:

In Kindergarten, ignoring the rules was a blast—especially if you could get away with it. But, as adults, we understand that rules are for our protection and, if we break God's rules, we cause heartache and broken relationships. In this series, Andy clearly explains God's basic set of life rules, which, when lived, hold the power to improve your current relationships and mend the hurting ones.

Give it a listen, and then share it with a friend. These podcasts are a great way to familiarize yourself with Andy's teaching.